John Henry Newman: His Inner Life

I was having lunch with friends when the thought of presenting a book about Cardinal Newman crossed my mind.
- You mean Paul Newman, the famous American actor" one of my friends interjected.
- No, I replied, a little embarrassed

The individual in question, whose picture appears on the left, never made any movie. He was too shy for such public display. John Henry Newman is a renowned Cardinal who lived during the XIXth century. 

- Would'nt it be better to talk about people whose influence is contemporary? some argued!
- Exactly!

Newman's influence is still felt, even today. His personality is fascinating, his genius, his strength of conviction, his persuasiveness, his confidence in Divine Providence, his writings and his unconditional love for the Church, at the time struggling through numerous crises, offer lessons for today's world. He was at the forefront of his time, and, if I may say so, restored English Catholicism, at the time hampered by fear and anonimity, to its former status.

- And what do you have in store for desert?
- I am recommending an inspiring book that I just finished reading, John Henry Newman: His Inner Life, by Father Zeno, a capucin monk from the Netherlands.

The book is available in paperback or audio casette from Amazon «on-line». 

H.T. De Brignées