Proclaim the gospel, here and out to the peripheries!


IMPACT J takes you on a journey to discover a prayer initiative for peace, inspired by Saint Joseph, on the same grounds where war has left many open wounds. Qaouzah is situated in the southern part of Lebanon, right on the Israeli border, a place where men and their governments have been battling for over 50 years. click here!

   To  know more about the Ibrahim Fraternity, c lick on the image above

To  know more about the Ibrahim Fraternity, click on the image above

PARTICIPATE IN IMPACT J: Pray to Joseph for the World

View our videos to see what is the Impact J project and how to participate. Click here to access the Impact J page

For seven days: we pray together

God is the only one who can heal and give a new meaning and new perspective to suffering, pain and hardships.

That is why mutual prayer is so essential and complementary to action. FOR SEVEN DAYS is a community of prayer to whom you may entrust your prayer intentions.

We promise to pray to each intention, during seven days.

To submit prayer intentions, click here...

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