6th day

«The Gospel, radiant with the glory of Christ’s cross, constantly invites us to rejoice. A few examples will suffice. “Rejoice!” is the angel’s greeting to Mary (Lk 1:28).»

-Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel

Comment from our readers…

Yes! Glorious is the Cross of Christ! And why not adorn it with gold, precious stones and jewels? From now on, let us look at Jesus on the cross, decorated with glorious ornaments that invite us "emphatically" to rejoice. Rejoice when we see our Savior so nicely decorated, covered in glory in our own homes. It must be good for Him to see us adore him in such a way, just like Mary Magdalene with her perfume. Occasionnally I like to look at my crucifix resting on a cushion; it has been hanging on a wall for so long! Yes! Let us rejuvenate our devotions, let us be creative, like our Father in Heaven, and joy will be in our hearts.