22th day

«Thanks solely to this encounter – or renewed encounter – with God’s love, which blossoms into an enriching friendship, we are liberated from our narrowness and self-absorption.»

-Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel


Comments from our readers...

Last fall, I came across this phrase Jesus said to Mechtild von Hackeborn and was deeply touched: "Consider how great is my love: If you want to know it well, you will not find it expressed more clearly anywhere than in the Gospel. No one has ever expressed stronger or more tender feelings than these: As my Father has loved me, so have I loved you."
I was struck by the intensity and the profound intimacy of this incommensurate love for us, for me. Jesus loves us AS the Father loves Him; that's a lot being said! I pursued my reflection with this second phrase from the Gospel: "Love one another AS I have loved you". This is the most beautiful, real and true way to live out a relationship. Now that I have had the chance to feel and taste Your presence, it is my turn to offer it to others... AS You love me.